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There is someone here.

I can see her in the corner of my eye, hiding in the darkness. Her mouth is slack, her face is white. Her hair is long and clinging to her face hiding it in the shadows. I'm not sure I should turn me head, in fear I may upset her. She is staring at me with hollow eyes that seem to have sunken in long, long ago.

I can smell her, the stentch of death, dirt, and decay clings to her. Its a foul smell but I dare not say anything. If her body smells this bad I can only fear her breath is worse, she's no teeth, or very little to speak of.

As she move's there she gives a small moan as if every limping step is painfull. Do I turn my head to watch her? Or do I let her slip behind me, out of sight.

Its to late now, the decision made for me with her dissapearance. I can't see her, but I still feel as if she watches me. My spine tingles and itches as if-

Dear God, is that her finger nail? Its long and sharp and feels strange against my cheek filling my nostroles with a smell worse than she. The nail is removed from my skin with a tenderness that scares me, only to be replaced by her hand.

Her skin is cold, and wrinkled. Sweat or some sort of liquid clams them up as if they're made of wet leather. It's disgusting but I can't pull away, she holds to tight, her other hand placed firmly in my hair.

She pulls my head around to look me in the eyes. Here eyes are milk white over what may have once been a sky blue. There is no emotion in them, no love, no pain. An emptiness, its haunting and it burns its way into my mind.

She says nothing, just lets go. Its like she never wanted to harm me at all, just leave me a message.

There is someone here.
Short story inspired by what I thought I saw.
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September 18, 2012
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